10/10/2003 Flippant LSE.Centre de langue.Institut Français.Londres
Flippant (Michel Herreria)
Commissaire de la résidence "Flippant" (2003-2004): Yoshiko Nagai
Directeur du centre de langues de la LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science): Nick Byrne
Responsable de la résidence: Hervé Didiot-Cook
Pour l'Institut Français du Royaume-Uni à Londres: Philipppe Mogentale (Attaché culturel)

Artist in residence
Thanks to the support of the French Embassy, LSE Art Committee, and the Centre for Learning Technology, the French team at LSE's Language Centre has developed FLIPPANT, an artist in residence project with visual artist Michel Herreria. One objective of the project is to celebrate the centenary of the Entente Cordiale treaty. Michel will be at LSE between 16 and 26 February when he will hold seminars and workshops.