25/02/2010 Normaland Wall & Déjà vu: Second Life French Visual Art and Politics.Language Centre and Centre for Learning Technology.The London School of Economics and Political Science, Londres.
The French language team has been regularly collaborating with Bordeaux based international visual artist Michel Herreria| since 2003. With Flippant| and Comment dire?| Michel previously created a series of graphic animations for LSE students. These are used as pedagogical props to discuss in French issues in politics in the post-A level LN130 French Language and Society 3 (Advanced).
LN330 French Language & Society 5 (Mastery)| students are currently preparing a virtual exhibition of Michel’s animations and LSE art work on Second Life.
This virtual exhibition will take place on the LSE island in Second Life from 25 February 2010. To visit the exhibition, simply create your virtual persona and then download and install Second Life on your computer.As part of the project, Michel Herreria, will be artist in residence at LSE during the week of 22-26 February 2010 and he will be also working closely with LN130 students on political slogans and drawings related to urban space.